Training & Education

Explicator’s strategic consultancy services fill the unmet need for Bio-Pharma companies to assess reliably their current training needs and predict training needs for future projects.


Training and Education should not be considered only in reaction to a crisis as after a regulatory inspection. An appropriately managed and visionary business will appraise its training needs in a strategic manner as it would of any substantial element of its business.  


Each business is different from the next; so why should workforce development be generic? If workforce development is standard, how can a company demarcate itself?  


If drug development must be evidence-based, why is the training and education of drug development staff rarely evidence-based?


Training and education objectives should be formulated on sound evidence generated from Training Needs Assessments. Training Needs Assessments refer to the generation of rigorous specific information and insight of the areas where competencies need strengthening and the suitable methodologies required to address the lacunae.  This assessment generates evidence for use by managers, decision makers, M&A assessors and shareholders. Unsubstantiated training is but a stab in the dark. A clear, consistent and substantiated training programme communicates to third parties be they regulators or potential acquirers that the competencies are sound.  


Carl capitalises on his mastery of strategic training and education to suggest cutting edge, evidence-based, high-quality, sustainable post-graduate professional education and training solutions in Clinical Research and Pharmaceutical Medicine globally.


      Services offered include:


  • Consultation on your training/education options

  • Bespoke training needs assessment (research to generate evidence-base professional development solutions). Training Needs Surveys, Analysis and Reports

  • Generation of company-wide training/education plans

  • Generation of Training and Education Policies and SOPs  Set up and staffing of expert committees

  • Development of thematic conferences

  • Development of competency workshops

  • Development of platform training courses and online training programs